Bonnie Upp


Bonnie and Matt started Precision over 20 years ago.Bonnie continues to manage the company and position it for success in current and future markets.

Matt Upp


Matt has been in the utility construction business for over 25 years.  Today Matt works closely with his team to ensure safety, 100% customer satisfaction and company growth.

Dan Mormile


Dan is a Finance and Management professional with over 30 years of experience in both public and private companies. He has held senior level management positions in the capacity of CFO, Corporate Controller and Business Unit Manager. Dan has shepherded companies through turn-arounds, consolidations, periods of double-digit growth as well as mergers and acquisitions. For the last 19 years he has worked for Andersen Corporation in Operation and Financial Management roles. He is graduate of the University of Toledo.

Chris Sands

Business Development Manager

Chris has been in the utility construction sector for over 40 years. He has overseen and managed contracts with all the major utility companies in our operating area. Chris now uses his experience at Precision to position it for success in a safe and steady growth pattern with future and current customers.

Sam Iser

Safety Director

Sam brings over 12 years experience in Safety to Precision Pipeline. Prior to joining Precision Pipeline, Sam worked for the State of Ohio. He has completed classes at the Great Lakes OSHA Education Center, and the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation. With a strong ability to develop, motivate and guide a team of an incident free workplace and lifestyle makes him an invaluable asset to Precision Pipeline.

Nick Williams

Field Operations Manager

With 12+ years of experience in the natural gas industry, Nick started in the ditches and worked his way up the ladder through the years. On his journey from being a laborer to being the crew lead to now being in management,  he has always made it his goal to keep one very important thing in his mind at the start of every day and that is SAFETY.  Everyone has someone or something to go home to every night and it’s this motivation to make sure they always get home safely.

Howard Kessler

Field Operations Manager

Howard has over 27 years of experience in the utility industry which has taken him throughout the United States. Howard has worked in all capacities of the industry including pipeline welding, running various types of crews and project management.

James Waits

Field Operations Manager

James brings over 20 years in construction related work experiences to Precision. Wanting to explore the private sector of the industry, James came to Precision Pipeline, LLC in 1999. He is a vital link between our customers and crews ensuring our jobs are completed safely, on time and with 100% customer satisfaction.

Boston Upp

Field Operations Manager

Boston brings 12 years work experience to Precision. Starting as a laborer he worked through all the ranks to eventually become an Operator/Foreman.  As our need for management grew, Boston, through hard work, pursued diligently the position of Operations Manager to become more of an asset to the company.  In this new position, Boston’s prime goals are to ensure safety, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Cheryl Frederick

Accounts Payable

Cheryl joined the Precision team over a year ago. She previously worked in the medical field for 9 years as an Account Manger/Unit Coordinator.  When the opportunity to join the Precision Family came, she was quickly on board and brought her experience and skills of honesty, integrity, team work and hard work.