Hydro excavating is a non-destructive way of using pressurized water to uncover underground utilities. Our Hydro Excavators are designed to safely and efficiently meet the challenges of a wide variety of applications from compact, urban projects to large-scale excavation, potholing and trenching projects.


  • Potholing/Daylighting
  • Slot Trenches
  • Pipeline crossing
  • Utility Pole holes
  • Trenching
  • Pipeline Tie-ins
  • Shoring installations
  • Remote Digging


Potholing, sometimes known as daylighting, is the process of digging to locate and expose utilities. Potholing is also an effective safe digging method for the installation of signs, telephone and utility poles when other utilities are in close proximity

Slot Trenching

Slot Trenching is a safe way to install utilities by locating and exposing underground utilities without the risk of damaging previously installed systems or lines. This method also makes it possible to dig trenches to specifications, minimizing the costs for backfill, concrete encasement, asphalt patching and maintenance.

Remote Digging

Remote digging can be utilized when there is minimal access to a space or a hard to reach area farther from the truck. We utilized 6” corrugated pipe and water hose extensions to excavate, for example, inside a building or 200’ off the road.