• OUR MISSION- Precision Pipeline will safely deliver superior quality work to our clients by actively embracing our core values:
  • INTEGRITY- Conduct our business in a legal and ethical manner; build lasting relationships through honesty, respect, and trust with our employees as well as our business partners
  • TEAM WORK- Recognize that our greatest asset is our employees. Provide them with opportunities and support to help them reach their full potential, fostering personal responsibility in the process.
  • RESPONSIBILITY- Be good stewards of the environment and supportive of the communities in which we work.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY- Accept responsibility for your own actions or inactions and those of the individuals you supervise.

Safety Principles

  • Precision Pipeline is committed to ZERO-HARM
  • All injuries are preventable
  • Management is responsible for preventing injuries
  • Coaching is fundamental to a strong safety program
  • Working safely is a requirement for employment

MPE Partners (MPE) announced a recapitalization of Precision Pipeline, LLC, a leading provider of critical repair, replacement, and maintenance services for utility customers across the gas, electrical, telecommunications, and water end markets on August 8, 2023. The Company offers a comprehensive suite of solutions, including horizontal directional drilling, excavation, and other underground services that are commonly outsourced by utilities due to their technical nature.  MPE partnered in the transaction with Matt Upp, who founded Precision in 1997 and remained as President.  The company has continued down a path of steady growth and continued improvement based around the philosophy of ensuring customer satisfaction while performing work safely with the utmost respect for our environment. The business continues to grow and evolve with the additions of key management and field personnel and through this Precision has emerged as a leader in the underground utility industry.


Focus on Employee safety is the foundation of the work Precision Pipeline performs on a day to day basis. As a family oriented company, the importance of ensuring each member of our team goes home to their family safely every night cannot be stressed enough. Safety is not just something we preach, it is something we practice. Precision Pipeline has established a culture of safety which revolves around every single employee being personally responsible for the safety of themselves, and those around them. We focus on continuing education by way of our employees obtaining OSHA 10 or 30 hour certificates, obtaining proper Operator Qualifications for specific tasks being performed and Situational Awareness Training. Precision Pipeline is a Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace and complies/exceeds all Federally Mandated DOT Guidelines.


Precision Pipeline looks to be a leader in environmental conservation while performing underground utility work. Each day PPL goes above and beyond to ensure the work site is in better condition than when we found to provide a better place to live for generations to come.


Precision Pipeline is built on a foundation consisting of safety, environmental consciousness, and meticulous attention to quality. Every job we perform goes through rigorous quality control and inspection process which guarantee the end product provides quality service for decades to come. Our staff is composed of leaders in the industry who have been tested by and overcome every situation imaginable. There is no job too tough for Precision Pipeline.